The glasses are not expensive. What is expensive is the benefit of the brands. Until now. Project Lobster was born in 2018 and our mission is to transform the world of optics by being radically honest and close.


We are a new generation of optical experts. Our motivation starts with ourselves. We work to make the optical sector a more honest, transparent and closer environment. We don't like not knowing what we are going to pay until the end. Nor do we like secret drawers or a clinical gown environment. We believe that by being honest and approachable we are driving a change in a traditionally opaque and outdated sector.

The lack of transparency and honesty is a problem and a change that requires time. At Project Lobster we are committed to being honest with what we do and who we do it for. We want you to look good and we want you to look good.

Visual health

Visual health should not be a luxury. However, the inaccessible and prohibitive prices applied in the world of optics make us feel the opposite. In Spain alone, it is estimated that more than half of the population needs glasses. So why maintain a prohibitive pricing policy? Why high margins when it comes to health?


It is not enough to talk about honesty. You have to apply it.
This is how we do it: offering high quality glasses from 98€, with prescription lenses included. Without abusive margins. We are an independent brand with a vertical model, and we are not subject to the disproportionate profit margins typical of the industry. We design our own models, we produce them without intermediaries and we sell them in our own stores. Direct to you. From us to you.

Designed in Barcelona

To bring each of our glasses to life, we need 120 days of manufacturing and go through 67 different processes.

The result? Exclusive designs in limited editions with premium finishes and materials. Handmade and taking care of every detail. You're really going to love them.

Our saddles

Plastic or petroleum-based frames abound in the industry. Our eyewear is made from cellulose acetate derived from cotton fibers.

Our next goal is to continue to improve by offering only all-organic bio frames.


Our 5-barrel stainless steel hinges and Teflon coated screws are manufactured in Germany.

The lenses of all our glasses are manufactured by one of the Spanish laboratories with more history and tradition, meeting the highest standards of quality and service.